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I conduct management research at IMD Business School and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Current research projects include:

Operationalization of AI Ethics
Many organizations have declared their adherence to responsible AI principles but the  true measure of progress lies in how these principles are applied in practice. This research seeks to understand how AI ethics is operationalized within organizations.

Sustained Attention and Organizational Change
Taking the attention-based view (ABV) to explore how attention is sustained over time, and under what circumstances, attention turns into action to enable organizational change.

Embodied Cognition in the Age of AI
With discourse on organizing being primarily rooted in physical artifacts, the corporeal and material settings, how do these notions of embodied cognition evolve in the new context of AI and hybrid settings?

Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Exploring the role of routines in entrepreneurial ventures situated in harsh and extreme  contexts, and how they adapt to change.

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